Performance and use of track rubber gasket

Rail rubber gasket is used between steel rail and concrete sleeper, its main role is to buffer the high speed vibration and impact generated when the vehicle passes through the rail, protect the subgrade and sleeper, and electrically insulated the signal system.

In addition, because the sleeper rubber pad plate is exposed to the atmosphere for a long time, so it is required to have a good natural aging resistance and cold resistance, heat resistance performance.

Track rubber gasket according to different use, rubber insulation gasket and sleeper rubber cushion pad two kinds of rubber products.

Insulation gaskets are divided into widened and ordinary types according to their shape and width.

Track rubber gasket is divided into ordinary rubber pad, fork pillow rubber pad and rubber pad for city subway according to the different bearing load per meter of rail. Its appearance is medium hardness rubber pad with groove or cylindrical structure.

Turch pillow is mainly used for turnout sleeper, slope rubber pad for curves, and oil resistant rubber pad for station yard.

Rail rubber gasket has good shock absorption and low noise performance.



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